WOOSAH with Chamomile

Society can always have a certain way of drawing me into a state of anxiety and stress. I stopped watching the local news because I would feel heavy and emotional listening to it. I couldn’t bear watching a mother cry for the loss of her child, or a child losing their family member over senseless acts of violence. I find that since becoming a mother the weight of the world rests on my shoulders too often. I came to realize I needed to balance out the urbanomics of the environment with ways to calm and relax. Between my career, the kids, house, my partner, dogs, traffic, and everything else that life throws at me daily I need to exhale sometimes and I forget! This way of decompressing, thank goodness, comes in many forms. I do yoga to relax for instance. It helps to release any stress I have. I also drink chamomile teas to help my body unwind. I practice breathing which also is a stress reliever! But one way that I think some forget about is what you put on your skin can also help relax and calm your entire system.

There are many skincare products that include chamomile in their ingredients due to the dramatic healing properties this plant carries. It is safe for all ages. It is simple yet effective, and it smells lovely! I have especially made it a point to make a regular practice of using skincare products that have chamomile in them for my face and body and also for my children. I see my toddler wind down and get quiet after a day full of activities. I witness my teenager reconnect and become more grounded and peaceful in thought and actions. It is honestly the perfect weapon for bedtime. It partners amazingly with some bedtime tea. I give my kids the tea to drink and then get them ready for bed. Before I know it they are nodding off. I will sometimes sip on the same tea and feel myself becoming completely relaxed as I rub chamomile lotion onto my toddler before bedtime. I use Shea Moisture Baby Chamomile and Argon Healing Lotion as well asthe Healing Oil Rub. They smell and feel amazing!

shea moisture

I hope this has motivated you to try using skincare products that include chamomile. Use the different methods and approaches to the healing qualities of Chamomile and feel the peacefulness wash over you after a long day.  Especially when it comes to finding ways to encourage the kiddos to calm down!  You will see how your skin relaxes and become more toned, less inflamed areas, and your mind will also have a certain peace that you will not be able to resist inhaling and exhaling. Can I get a Woosahhh?!