The Know How on Uncovering Sunscreen

Every summer there is another sunscreen that has claims that differ from the year previous. It is always a challenge for me to keep up with science and technology. And not to mention, I am always looking for an alternative that has a more natural approach to sun protection. Do you have a hard time understanding sunscreen and which SPF is the right choice for you? It goes without saying that sunscreen is necessary for all skin types and shades nowadays. With the ozone layer thinning and everyday environmental elements in an uproar, choosing a sunscreen that really does the job is a huge task for anyone. How do you know which is best? What sunblock REALLY works?

I have taken the time to give you some helpful hints to keep in mind.

1. Anything that says BROAD SPECTRUM or FULL SPECTRUM is designed to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. These UVA rays prematurely age your skin causing wrinkling and age spots. UVB rays are what burns your skin and too much sun exposure of this kind can contribute to skin cancer.

2. Regardless of the SPF number (15/30/45/50) remember to reapply often especially when playing in water or active. The higher the number SPF does not mean it works better. A SPF30 sunscreen can protect just as well as a SPF50. What matters more is how it is applied and how often!

Some handy tips on being Sun Savy:

1. Try your best not to be in direct sun between 10am-2pm which is considered peak sun hours! It might sound like I have just bursted your inner sun goddess but no one thinks crocodile skin is sexy. Seriously!

2. Always wear a hat! Go full on Diva and don’t look back. you wont regret it 10 years from now.

3. Keep a bottle of Aloe Vera and Raw Shea Butter nearby to give your skin extra nutrients to repair itself after a day in the Sun! Your skin will be much more forgiving! No Lobster thighs people! Try Shea Moisture Raw Shea Collection to keep your skin glowing.


4. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday all year round. The harmful rays are not just penetrating in the summer. Whether in a cloudy day, rainy days, and in the shade your skin is always exposed. Try Tickle Time Sunblock. I Love! My teen always steals it from my handbag. My toddler won’t let me apply it, he can do it “all by himself.”

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