How I Made It Through My Son’s ‘Terrible Twos’

Terrible Twos. When parents discuss this topic, I always see a certain look on their face. Dread. Fear. Confusion. I find that my own personal experience with my son turning two has been very different than the reputation that supersedes him — total shocker! I wanted to give my two-year-old the benefit of the doubt. Imagine if you were barely able to understand and speak a language, yet you were expected to communicate; you’d lose your cool too! So, with that in mind, I decided to take my toddler and his tantrums head on. Before getting... Read The Rest →

Days of Mayhem…a.k.a.”Toddlerisms.”

  Lately I have been cleaning out my folders and files. With Spring fast approaching and even quicker in LA with the 80 degree weather, I am finding myself in the mood to organize. That being said I came upon some photos that I do not need to keep on my desktop any longer. Best idea I feel is to share. They will  give a clear idea of what A day in the life of Paulaisms is like. I hope you enjoy. The star of the slight bits of entertainment... Read The Rest →

Relations Between My Kiddos

I originally had the most amazing post written about my kids and what they mean to me. I was devastated when I found that the post was somehow erased. My intention was to speak about their relationship and what they mean to me. My daughter’s birthday is March 7th. My son’s is March11th. I planned the post to honor them for their birthdays. I honestly wish I saved or could recall what I wrote before because it was pretty darn amazing. So now that being said, I am left with... Read The Rest →

Sign Language Is My First Language

I was raised learning how to sign.  It was technically my first language spoken.  Now as a mommy I teach my kiddos! As little babies I teach them how to communicate by signing.  I believe it assists young babies with communicating better with everyone around. So less screaming and tantrums because mommy and daddy do not understand!  Plus it is a really fun way to speak.  I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful languages spoken. There are tons of baby picture books teaching the generals of signing... Read The Rest →

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