Surrendered Thoughts Of A Teen

I was working in my office today and my teenager came in.  I always know when she wants to talk about something important to me because she just sits in front of me and quietly stares at me until I look up and address her.  (Whatever happened to the word excuse me??) Anyhow, I was a little baffled today because I could already see the tears welling in her eyes.  She said, “Mommy I need to tell you something.”  I said “okay baby girl….I am listening.” She proceeded to say... Read The Rest →

Relations Between My Kiddos

I originally had the most amazing post written about my kids and what they mean to me. I was devastated when I found that the post was somehow erased. My intention was to speak about their relationship and what they mean to me. My daughter’s birthday is March 7th. My son’s is March11th. I planned the post to honor them for their birthdays. I honestly wish I saved or could recall what I wrote before because it was pretty darn amazing. So now that being said, I am left with... Read The Rest →

Impromtu Bonding

I love when my print jobs wrap my day shorter than usual.  I worked a while ago and was able to surprise my teen with an impromptu lunch date! I feel it is so important to do things like that with my teenager.  As she grows older I learn more about her and learn more from her about life.  This photo says it all for me.  A great day. A great time. Great memories made.  And over great food! Pardon my drag queen makeup, part of one of my many... Read The Rest →

Joking Around 24/7

I love joking around for the camera, especially with my teen!  She is so great at making funny faces and they always turn out adorable. I wanted to share our lil photo shoot from the other day.  We both realized that we were wearing the same kind of shades. SUPER sunglasses are one of my go to frames of choice. They are classic and they have no real branding on the glasses, which I adore! Nothing worse than when the name of what you are wearing is written all over... Read The Rest →

Dia De Los Muertos

When my daughter Aires Amor was a toddler, I researched how Halloween came about. I never really connected with what Halloween represented in the U.S. I especially didn’t agree with the way everything was always so scary and evil. As I googled away  I came upon Dia de Los Muertos, translation…Day of the Dead.  I immediately connected with the ideas and the history from which the celebration was birthed. To sum it up, I think of it to be about the celebration of life and honoring our loved ones whom... Read The Rest →

Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet!

Although we are getting close to school time, carpools, homework, and parent teacher meetings….it is still Summer. In our home, summer doesn’t mean a different fancy camp every other week and vacations all over the world. Summer means we use our imagination and create fun ways of doing ordinary things and keeping it simple! One can be creative, think outside the box, and still make fabulous memories that your kids will cherish and brag about to the friends when school starts back up.  There is just enough time to get... Read The Rest →

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