WOOSAH with Chamomile

Society can always have a certain way of drawing me into a state of anxiety and stress. I stopped watching the local news because I would feel heavy and emotional listening to it. I couldn’t bear watching a mother cry for the loss of her child, or a child losing their family member over senseless acts of violence. I find that since becoming a mother the weight of the world rests on my shoulders too often. I came to realize I needed to balance out the urbanomics of the environment... Read The Rest →

Take It Easy, Sip on Chamomile

In case you don’t already know chamomile is a total relaxer. It helps to easy inflammation, it eases digestion and nausea, and acts as a pain reliever. I use chamomile to  drop the oil in my kids bath water to get them to wind down before bedtime. I also give them chamomile tea to support better digestion. I also sip on the tea when I have a headache. The best trick though is to use the tea bags after they have steeped to ease stressed eyes and to lessen the... Read The Rest →

Stay Well Remedy Haute Tea

Every time the weather starts to get moody it seems like our household starts to feel the effects. I don’t hesitate to make this to keep an extra step ahead of the sniffles. It super easy and it works. •  3 cups of boiling water •  2 tbsp of chopped and peeled ginger •  Half of one large sweet meyer lemon (sweet meyer gives a sweet element without adding sugar) •  3 tbsp of honey ( you can substitute agave or maple syrup if allergic to honey) Let it sit... Read The Rest →

5 Must-Haves To Keep Your Household Healthy During the Holidays

It is easy to spiral into the abyss of sickness during the holidays.  I don’t always take care of myself as well as I should. I am too busy racing around, with kids in tow, trying to knock off everything on my gift lists while managing the day to day, as though everything is normal.  “Normal” doesn’t exist in my world. Extraordinary is more like it. If you find anything I am sharing to ring true for you I suggest the following: 1. Try to squeeze in a nap. It... Read The Rest →

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