The Know How on Uncovering Sunscreen

Every summer there is another sunscreen that has claims that differ from the year previous. It is always a challenge for me to keep up with science and technology. And not to mention, I am always looking for an alternative that has a more natural approach to sun protection. Do you have a hard time understanding sunscreen and which SPF is the right choice for you? It goes without saying that sunscreen is necessary for all skin types and shades nowadays. With the ozone layer thinning and everyday environmental elements... Read The Rest →

Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet!

Although we are getting close to school time, carpools, homework, and parent teacher meetings….it is still Summer. In our home, summer doesn’t mean a different fancy camp every other week and vacations all over the world. Summer means we use our imagination and create fun ways of doing ordinary things and keeping it simple! One can be creative, think outside the box, and still make fabulous memories that your kids will cherish and brag about to the friends when school starts back up. ┬áThere is just enough time to get... Read The Rest →

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