Our good family friend has been working so hard on this dream of his to create an energy snack. As an outdoorsy kind of guy and avid cyclist, Caue is the genius behind Barnana. They are the most tasty dehydrated banana snacks, full of potassium and just plain yummy! Our toddler has been gobbling these bite size beauties since he started eating table food. They are totally safe for baby once you take a couple bites to make a smaller bite for them. Totally natural. No extra fluff. Find Barnana... Read The Rest →

Snacking Rules! 4 Snacks That Your Family Will Thank You For

 I have to say I have welcomed several habits that my toddler has forced me to start up. The one habit I am most thankful for is snacking. My toddler has our entire family eating constantly. It not only helps me stay on my toes with creative ways to integrate healthy alternatives to chips and cookies, but our metabolism is burning calories at a much faster pace. That means that I selfishly can get myself in bikini body mode much faster this year. Horray for me!!…lol. There are actually healthy... Read The Rest →

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