Drumroll Please!

And the winner is….   Congratulations Debbie Harris. Your little Lenia is an absolute stunner! Thank you so much for your submission and look what happened, You Won! Your Baby Lenia was voted, by all our participants to be the winner of the “Say Yes to That Face” contest!! Coming very soon to you and Lenia, is the entire Shea Moisture Baby Collection, a 1-800-FLOWERS gift certificate, and a $100 gift certificate from Urbansitter.com!! Enjoy all of your winnings! Baby Lenia is so precious in this photo. ***A quick moment... Read The Rest →

Ask Paula Webinar August 27th at 1pm EST

Working with Shea Moisture baby has given me so much insight about what I use on my skin and what goes into skincare products. I have also learned how to take better care of my family by using my awareness of what ingredients are used in baby products. And now I want to share my knowledge with all of you! Now is your chance to ask me whatever questions you might have about Shea Moisture Baby. I will be sharing tips and my take on why I think Shea Moisture... Read The Rest →

Dual Purpose Product that Works for the Family

As a self proclaimed product hoarder, I truly appreciate when I get a 2 for 1 out of a product. I especially get excited when I can have dual purposes with one product on my kids that differs from myself. I find that most “all natural” products tend to have multiple uses. My current obsession that has now reached a record for holding strong as a Family Fav is Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Ointment.  AND it smells amazing! I like to describe the scent as the experience you... Read The Rest →

Haute Mommy Night Out: June

Another successful Haute Mommy Night Out! It was so fabulous getting to know some new members while catching up with other Haute Mommies. We sipped on cocktails while chatting up about our lives and laughing quite a bit. Click through above for photos that captured it all. Thanks to Shea Moisture Baby, Zico coconut water, Molly’s Suds, Boppy and Piggy Paint for their generous contributions. All my Hauties went home with a bag full of goods for themselves and if they feel obliged they will share with their munchkins as... Read The Rest →

Red Bush & Babassu

I was recently at a function for a friend of ours and ran into some mommies that needed to know about Shea Moisture Baby. Here are some photos of some recent Haute Mommies and their Fly babies receiving their new favorite bath wash and lotion…Shea Moisture Baby Red Bush & Babassu!  What is good for baby is good for mommy too! It protects your babe’s skin while protecting it with amazing antioxidants and nutrients that keeps a protective barrier around their skin. Go get yourself some and try it on... Read The Rest →

Haute Mommy Night Out December Event

It was another successful Haute Mommy Night Out! Thank you to all of my “hauties” who came out to enjoy yummy Hennessy cocktails and appetizer’s at the historic Bar Marmont. Laughter and fabulous conversation filled the room while I snapped some photos with my hauties one last time in 2012! All of the Haute Mommies went home with a lovely gift courtesy of Shea Moisture Baby, Urban Sitter, Barnana snacks and Tikkun Spa. As well, every mommy that brought a mommy friend or family member was entered into a raffle... Read The Rest →

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