Dual Purpose Product that Works for the Family

As a self proclaimed product hoarder, I truly appreciate when I get a 2 for 1 out of a product. I especially get excited when I can have dual purposes with one product on my kids that differs from myself. I find that most “all natural” products tend to have multiple uses. My current obsession that has now reached a record for holding strong as a Family Fav is Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Ointment.  AND it smells amazing! I like to describe the scent as the experience you... Read The Rest →

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Body Care

 I have been starting to get more familiar with Shea Moisture’s entire line. I have to say I initially was drawn to their products because they are all natural and smell amazing!! But they after my testing them out for a good length of time I can say they totally work! They do what they say they do and they smell delicious!  What more do you want from your washes and lotions. The coconut and hibiscus is one of my favorite anytime scents. Find these at Walgreens or Target. Teen... Read The Rest →

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