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With school fast approaching, I can’t help but have an excitement about all the trends I see available for my kids! I am absolutely distracted because I just want to get one of everything for myself! Is that wrong??? I think not. As long as I am able to get what my kiddos need, then I should get a little something special too! Some of my favorite styles and looks are “The Look” this Fall. Plaids, military jackets with leather trim and vibrant prints are everywhere. The grunged out will... Read The Rest →

Paulaisms Chicken Tacos

These chicken tacos are just delicious. I usually serve both chicken and potato tacos (recipe to come) to satisfy the vegetarian guests as well. The potato added to the chicken is a moist, comforting flavor that is undeniably yummy. You have to try them and you will be hooked.  We do Taco Tuesday at our home once a month and every time we have more friends that come to try my tacos.  My mom gave me the initial recipe, but I had to “juj” it up of course. If I... Read The Rest →

Got A Random Dry Spot?

My son has sensitive skin…unfortunately he took after his mommy on that one.  So I have been prepared with all natural jojoba oil on hand at all times.  I noticed last week that he kept tugging at his left ear.  Come to find out he had a dry spot behind his ear.  It was already scaly and irritated…PANIC! I quickly grabbed the jojoba oil and applied a pea size amount lightly giving my toddler an ear rub.  He loved it! I reapplied for two days and saw improvement but not... Read The Rest →

Get Your Fiber

I was instructed I needed to up my fiber…so I went to a couple grocery stores to see what my options were.  My mom swears by Kashi products.  9 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein… I thought WTH…so many tantilizing options cereals too! I am a sucker for cinnamon and have learned that when choosing a healthy snack, usually if it is flavored with cinnamon the product is always yummy.  I have to say I was totally surprised with the taste of Kashi Go Lean Cereal.  I was... Read The Rest →

Surrendered Thoughts Of A Teen

I was working in my office today and my teenager came in.  I always know when she wants to talk about something important to me because she just sits in front of me and quietly stares at me until I look up and address her.  (Whatever happened to the word excuse me??) Anyhow, I was a little baffled today because I could already see the tears welling in her eyes.  She said, “Mommy I need to tell you something.”  I said “okay baby girl….I am listening.” She proceeded to say... Read The Rest →

Olive Kids Rocks!

I was recently at an event for Golden Globes. My family was gifted some pretty amazing things but the best gifts my toddler got were from Olive Kids.  The Dotz and the placemats are his favorite. They make these stickers DOTZ that peel a hundred times over without ever losing their stick. As soon as my son got a first glance at them he went nuts!! Fire truck! Car! He screamed because he couldn’t understand why we couldn’t open them at that very moment. I now have various Dotz around... Read The Rest →

Be Like Faye Dunaway

  This Rag & Bone hat is amazing!! This pretty baby is a must have for all mommies.  Not only am I gonna be picking one up ASAP at Rag & Bone, but I am gonna be wearing it all of 2013.  Hats are awesome to keep my head warm in the winter, and in the summer to keep the sun off my face.  Totally a bargain when I do the math. (Guilty Mommy Thought) Whatdya think? I might pair my hat with this blouse, my favorite jeans with some... Read The Rest →

Post Golden Globe Haute Mommy Wrap Up

While the night’s winners and those golden statues were all the rage last night, I was wowed by all of the haute mommies on the carpet. Lets take another look at all the gorgeous mommies that walked the red carpet!  Kate, Sofia, and Emily went classic.  Their bodies are flawless. They both kept their looks simple and shined because of it. Both chose a little bling but in completely different ways. Bravo ladies! Kate never steers wrong. You can tell she is a true fashionista! And side note, funny how... Read The Rest →

Haute Mommy Toddy

With the winter season in full effect, I thought I would share a recipe for a hot toddy that gets nods all around in my world.  I actually tested out a new recipe replacing honey for maple syrup and the bees sting kept its buzz! When feeling the first signs of a cold or flu I highly suggest making this toddy. I recommend doing the following: Change into your snuggly house coat or favorite hoodie. Get your favorite chill spot set up with a cashmere throw and a good book... Read The Rest →

5 Words a Haute Mommy Should Say More of in 2013

I want to make sure to bring 2013 in with some words that will hopefully resinate with you. When you find yourself in a challenging situation or just overwhelmed by all that falls on your lap, do the following. Take a deep breath and repeat these words out loud three times. ASPIRE.  1. To long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous,especially for something great or of high value (usually followed by to, after,  or an infinitive): to aspire after literary immortality; 2. Archaic. to rise up; soar; mount; tower. I share this word first to make sure all of you recognize the importance of using an “I” in front of it when saying it outloud. REPLENISH. 1. To make full or complete again, as by supplying what is lacking,used up, etc. 2. To supply with fresh fuel. 3.... Read The Rest →

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