Fall Out of Summer Gracefully

I am not the type of woman who gets to start over with a new wardrobe every season. I do know some women who do have that option. I have to honestly say I am not sure if I did have that ability to ditch my closet I would. I am one of those fashionistas that likes to integrate old with new. I love finding an older piece that has been hiding in my closet and revive it by adding on trend accessories or a staple piece to create an... Read The Rest →

Fashion Week Forecast

Every summer’s end I start to scour sites, blogs, and magazines looking for what my next look will be. I like to switch things up, yet am still what they might call a habitual classic. Good denim, the perfect white tee, a little glamarazzi blazer and alot of fun festive accessories are what I lean on every Fall season without fail.  What’s the “it” Handbag style? What color shoes do I “need” in my closet? Well this season in particular I am thrilled to empty my carts on all my... Read The Rest →

Prego Fashionista Alert!

I was grateful to my eager googling tactics that I founf this lil must have designer’s site.  Isabella Oliver is a genius designer that has the most amazing and versatile  designs for pregos.  The brilliance is that after you have birthed and are working with the post baby body that is completely foreign to you, you will be even more enthusiastic about her pieces.  I seriously found my inner fashionista again, although my soft and squishy stretched out skin was unsightly the first couple months. I was not dreading my closet but... Read The Rest →

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