Paula’s Put On with Alexandra Outerbridge

Up-and-coming jewelry designer Alexandra Outerbridge found fans in the Jenner sisters and model Cara Delevingne with her double-sided emoji-inspired jewelry. She stops by Paula’s Put On to discuss her line of triple-plated rings, bracelets and necklaces that she encourages be worn stacked and mix-matched in all colors and precious metals. (via Vibe TV)

Joomi Lim

This chic is ridiculous! I have been following her on Instagram for some time now. Not only is she super cool, but she inspires me to get my ass to New York soon. I miss the street style and edge that yoou only find in Manhattan. Joomi Lim can take any look no matter how girly and rough up the edges in the most couture of ways. Statement Punk with Pearls and Spikes and Crystals! Metal Luxe Bracelet. Liquid Titanium Ring with Rose Gold and Blue.

Closet ReOrganizer/Personal Stylist

Before my day begins every morning I find that my toddler has a morning ritual in my closet.  He likes to play with my bangles and leave them spread all over the floor like a well prepared presentation.  I then find my shoes taken off the shelves and placed next to my bangles.  I usually follow him into my closet.  I allow him to play with one bangle of his choice and then I distract him enough to lure him out of the closet shutting the door behind him. The other... Read The Rest →

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