Making A Smoothie The Whole Family Can Enjoy

There’s no better way for your family to start the day than with a fresh blended fruit smoothie. Plus a smoothie recipe doesn’t need to be exact, so it’s super easy to get the kids involved in the making. The best ingredients are always whatever fresh fruits and veggies are most loved, and in season. But when you see a banana turning black don’t throw it away! Instead, peel it and cut it into chucks and pop it in the freezer…it will make a frosty, creamy addition to your next... Read The Rest →


Our good family friend has been working so hard on this dream of his to create an energy snack. As an outdoorsy kind of guy and avid cyclist, Caue is the genius behind Barnana. They are the most tasty dehydrated banana snacks, full of potassium and just plain yummy! Our toddler has been gobbling these bite size beauties since he started eating table food. They are totally safe for baby once you take a couple bites to make a smaller bite for them. Totally natural. No extra fluff. Find Barnana... Read The Rest →

Secret “Pantates” (Toddler for Pancakes)

Pancakes are probably my families favorite breakfast. My toddler would argue the best meal he has ever had. He wakes up in the morning and shouts out, “Pan Tates” Not “Good Morning mommy!”  I think he must dream about them, he loves them so much.  My approach with pancakes is a love hate relationship…I love that I never have issues feeding my kids pancakes, yet I HATE how they aren’t the healthiest choice for a meal.  So I created my own rules with them. Make it healthy and make sure... Read The Rest →

To Juice Or Not To Juice

I have honestly always known about juicing and the benefits since I was a little girl, but as an adult and having to wash my own dishes now my enthusiasm has changed a little bit.  I have always found myself impatient and just plain lazy regarding the process; Pull out the juicer that takes up half my counter space and feed the machine fruits and veggies for 5 minutes, all the while hoping there isn’t a spilled mess I managed to create in the process and then enjoy the juice. ... Read The Rest →

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