Get Your Grains

I am always looking for ways to get extra nutrients in my family’s diet.  As I made my kid’s baby food half asleep one late night, I realized that the blended flax seed and almond flour was actually something I could mix together! Thank goodness I can cut my prep time and increase my sleep! So that’s what I did. And my kids loved it! Then on a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond I happened upon this amazing product. Now, first of all, I have absolutely no idea why... Read The Rest →

Maintain Your Summer Body

Now that Summer is in full swing don’t think because you fit into your bikini you can go ham! You deserve to be good to your body. I have found some helpful hints to surviving summer’s temptations and feeling good about yourself while you’re basking in the sun in your summer styles! 1. Stay social! Try to keep busy with the kids or enjoy an adult conversation. Read that book you have been wanting to open since Christmas. Basically keep your mind distracted from thinking about snacking. I was surprised at... Read The Rest →

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