Chocolate for Colds

Next time you have a cold, or feel a little under the weather, ask for a bit of chocolate.  Chocolate has natural chemicals that help suppress coughs.  I would be prepared for your kiddos to start coughing a lot more once they get wind of this mommy tip. My toddler seems to already know this. Chocolate a day keeps the coughs away! But not the tears. Once he got a taste you can see what happened.

Bardot Is Love On A Stick

I was with my teen and toddler at a mall doing a little retail therapy recently. I should correct myself and say that my teen was doing the retail therapy and I was chasing after my toddler who was still perfecting his walking stride! In any case, while chasing after my toddler he saw this place and walked right in. Bardot! Once I caught him I realized where we were.  My teen and I fell in love with their branding and marketing! The store was a sexy chocolate gelato bar!... Read The Rest →

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