Zara Fall Must Handbags

I figure I need to start looking for a new handbag so why not share a little secret. I have always had a keen eye for handbags. After having my daughter I was able to manage treating myself every now and again. Yes I would splurge! Yet with my family multiplying from two to four plus two dogs and with the economy being what it is, I have discovered that I don’t always need Celine. (Although it would be nice) I am just as stylish and fabulous with these pretty... Read The Rest →

4 Bags in My Favorite Color, Blue!

Now in case you are a bag enthusiast like I am, you will want to pay closer attention. I figured I would show you some handbags that are on my geometric “must have” list this season. I am seeing the color of the sky! Fendi stays ahead of the game on ingenuity. Love this for the “I don’t take myself or my bag seriously” type of mommy.   Fendi again… perfect for a more serious mommy.   And for when you are out with the girls, this one by Rauwolf is... Read The Rest →

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