5 Ways to Survive Back to School

Tomorrow is my teenager’s first day of high school. More than ever we are in need of as many short cuts as possible to make this transition easier. Definitely for myself anyways. I have to struggle to get my teenage daughter out the door on time and at the same time I am chasing after my toddler. Lord help me! Okay…so how I get through?? ┬áHere’s a checklist of must-do’s! 1. Sort out snacks the night before. Plan what you need to prepare for in the morning. This will help... Read The Rest →

Back to School Essentials

Since the time has come to say HOLA to school essentials I thought I would let you know why my teen and my toddler stay excited about school. Besides the fact that my toddler currently just wants to do whatever my teen does. (This is a huge problem since he physically cannot do half of what she can, obviously.) I started getting creative about back packs and lunch boxes 5 years ago. I realized that my innate nature to always be different and an individualist has forced my teenager to... Read The Rest →

August Savings

Did you know that in August there are three things to look out for in the deals and steals department… Computers– Get back to school deals on much lower prices than normal! Sometimes you will see the sales begin late July. Small Appliances– from mixers to toaster ovens you can scratch off some of those wish list items and get an early start on prepping for the Holiday cooking and baking. Summer gear– The best time to buy summer clothes on sale is when it isn’t summer! Water shoes, beach... Read The Rest →

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