Got A Random Dry Spot?

My son has sensitive skin…unfortunately he took after his mommy on that one.  So I have been prepared with all natural jojoba oil on hand at all times.  I noticed last week that he kept tugging at his left ear.  Come to find out he had a dry spot behind his ear.  It was already scaly and irritated…PANIC! I quickly grabbed the jojoba oil and applied a pea size amount lightly giving my toddler an ear rub.  He loved it! I reapplied for two days and saw improvement but not... Read The Rest →

What’s Really in Your Baby Products? Part 1

I am always asked questions regarding what is in baby products and if they are really safe. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will be shocked and disappointed to know that a large number of baby products do not see the responsibility to the consumer to be anything other than giving us parents a product that is inexpensive. There is no integrity to be honest about what is going into their products.  Checkout this video for info about a certain very familiar baby product that... Read The Rest →

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