Style Sense: Keep It Oversized

After watching recent fashion trends repeat and imitate the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 80’s and 90’s, we have graduated to the oversized look. The oversized coat is going to be everywhere this fall. It is probably one of the most delicate styles you will experience this coming fall. I know it has taken me a little while to embrace the idea of the oversized look, but I am finally totally vibing it. Here is a list of some of the styles I think will be a hit on any body type.

1. Go Grey. This fall you will see a lot of pastel shades. If you are into pastels then go for it!  But I find that grey hues are always more chic and have stay power! Which means that will be less dollars spent for a good investment made.

2. If you like prints look out for herringbone patterns and plaid.

3. Wider collars are what you want. The wider the better.

4. If you are seeing double than you are seeing exactly what you should be. Double breasted coats, blazers, and dresses will be everywhere.

5. Be Fauxbulous. Be kind to animals and try the most sensational looking faux fur designs.

6. Use caution when trying on the oversized look. Be careful not to supersize your style. Although the designs worn are supposed to be oversized they should still compliment your body shape. (if that makes any sense…)