Stuffed Biscuits

IMG_1892IMG_2022IMG_2031Ever wonder what to do with left over Taco meat?? or even Sloppy Joe meat? Well here is an easy lunch or snack option for your entire family to sink their teeth into. It couldn’t be easier. Every mommy should have a package of ready made biscuits in the fridge for the “whatever, whenever”…and especially when you have a crazy day that leaves you short on time and energy. You will continue to hold the title of “best chef in the house” with this easy quick recipe!


•  6-piece roll of ready made biscuits (I prefer Trader Joe’s)
•  Whatever leftover ground or shredded meat mix you have in the fridge
•  1/2 cup of shredded cheddar or Greuyere cheese (optional)


Unroll the biscuits out on a foil lined baking cookie sheet. Split open the biscuit in half. Add a tablespoon full of your leftover mix and a pinch of cheese if you prefer. Close the other half of the biscuit and you are done. Pop it in the oven and follow instructions for baking time in the oven on the biscuit directions.