Lavender Remedy

lavender-oilHave a headache? Nauseous?
Pour a quarter size amount of jojoba oil or sweet almond oil into your palm. Then add 3 drops of 100% pure Lavender oil to the oil. Emulsify the mixture together in your palms and inhale deeply. Cradle the base of your head just below your ears with both hands. (almost as though your hands are a hammock for your head) Lightly massage your temples and forehead avoiding your eyes. Rub in any excess oil mixture on your hands as though you are washing them.  Make sure to press firmly (until it is almost totally uncomfortable) with your thumb and pointer finger onto the muscly part of the webbing that separates your thumb from your pointer finger for 1 minute then rest and repeat.  Within 5 minutes your headache or nausea will be lesser if not all the way disappeared.

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(Photo via Garden of Eden)