It’s Tickle Time!!

A couple months back I was introduced to a new sunblock by my daughter. We were at an event and she was gifted the product. She thought it would be something I would like so she gave it to me. Talk about a blessing. Tickle Time is an all natural mineral based tinted sunblock with SPF20. It comes in various shades and all in all does what it says it does. I get all gitty talking about it. I have forced all of my friends to stop rubbing sticky white paste all over their kids faces. And the sprays are just as bad especially if you open your mouth or breathe while applying!  I proudly pull out my Tickle Time and with a click and a brush or two, PRESTO. All natural. Full coverage and protection. No fuss. No fighting. I promise your kids will ask for it and look forward to putting it on themselves! Most of all it works even if you are sweating or play in water. The minerals act as a shield of armor that protects and keeps all of the elements that can be harmful to our skin out. OH!! And might I add, I use it everyday and cannot imagine what I would do without it. It almost acts as a tinted powder. No breakouts with sensitive skin or around the eye area either!

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