Get Your Grains

linwoodsI am always looking for ways to get extra nutrients in my family’s diet.  As I made my kid’s baby food half asleep one late night, I realized that the blended flax seed and almond flour was actually something I could mix together! Thank goodness I can cut my prep time and increase my sleep! So that’s what I did. And my kids loved it! Then on a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond I happened upon this amazing product. Now, first of all, I have absolutely no idea why they carry food products at a houseware store.  But just hear me out. This product is officially my token grain and omega booster for my kids snacks and meals. Linwoods Super Grains is packed with everything we worry our kids don’t get enough of!  From pancakes and morning green smoothies, to topping spaghetti and ice cream sundaes this is such a versatile tool to keep your family’s immunity and health at its absolute best. Try for yourself and see. Add a tablespoon or two to practically any dish for an extra boost. And they have different varieties if you have a certain preference or food allergy.

Oh! I searched high and low for other places to find Linwoods products and unfortunately for whatever reason unless you order it directly on their website or at Bed Bath & Beyond.