Fashion Week Forecast

Every summer’s end I start to scour sites, blogs, and magazines looking for what my next look will be. I like to switch things up, yet am still what they might call a habitual classic. Good denim, the perfect white tee, a little glamarazzi blazer and alot of fun festive accessories are what I lean on every Fall season without fail.  What’s the “it” Handbag style? What color shoes do I “need” in my closet? Well this season in particular I am thrilled to empty my carts on all my shopping sites!

The herringbone is necessary. Leather and fur in colors is a must have. Interesting collars and dramatic sillouettes are intoxifying right now. Plaid in all shapes and forms is just not enough! I am thoroughly obsessed with the over the top extravagant necklaces. (Thank goodness for them too, because my earlobes could use a break!)

OKAY!! so here it is. There is one simple piece that you cannot survive without.  The sleak, high-waisted skirt with a side slit.  There might be some various lengths of the slit, but without a doubt there is no such thing as too high. There is such thing as wearing too high of a length for the wrong occasion though. Keep that in mind. Common sense people…You can also interpret the slit with sexy dresses for the rest of 2013. I could not be more excited. This type of look is for every woman!