Days of Mayhem…a.k.a.”Toddlerisms.”
Toddlers & Teens


Lately I have been cleaning out my folders and files. With Spring fast approaching and even quicker in LA with the 80 degree weather, I am finding myself in the mood to organize. That being said I came upon some photos that I do not need to keep on my desktop any longer. Best idea I feel is to share. They will  give a clear idea of what A day in the life of Paulaisms is like. I hope you enjoy. The star of the slight bits of entertainment is none other than my toddler, Axel Chase. Chase being the word we obviously did not think over thoroughly enough, as you will clearly see below. LOL.


6am: Breakfast.









 7am: Time to edit literature. Should I be concerned of the aggression displayed?









9am: Tagging his sister’s bathroom walls…obviously.









9:45am: Deejay lessons.









10:25am: Doggy Jail. Judge Axel sentenced Louis Oso to solitary confinement  Harsh!









11:15am: The aftermath of reading time before Axel finally took a nap.









Thank you God!!…wouldn’t change my life for the world though.  Now this mommy can get to work! I never thought I would say that I work to relax and unwind, but after I’ve been graced with this little man, that is exactly what I think of my work to be currently. LOL.