Crushed Dreams bring True Accomplishment for me.

I never wanted to be a mother.

I wanted to be successful.

I never thought I needed anyone.

I wanted to have freedom.

I never wanted to have any lingering responsibilities.

I wanted to travel and see the world.

I never wanted to be a teacher.

I wanted to learn from life experiences.

I never saw my true greatness.

I wanted to be perfect.

I never wanted to struggle financially.

I wanted to have abundance.

And then I was chosen by this universe to be a mother at an age that most are barely in college. I thought my life’s aspirations were over. My world changed instantly. At the moment I became pregnant with my first child I realized these things.

I was purposed to be a mother.

Being a mother is my greatest success.

I do need others, community, and relationships are what brings pleasure to life. Life is pointless alone. It takes a village. And vino…just saying.

Seeing the world through my children’s eyes is what shows me what true freedom is.

Responsibility is what grounded me and brought awareness of my values.

Having my children is what motivates me to travel more and show them how absolutely endless the oceans, mountains, and space is.

Motherhood is limitless.

Being a teacher is one of the most admirable and rewarding opportunities one being can have. Although my children have taught me more than I can ever teach them. I still try everyday to help guide them.

They have led me to understand the importance of being present and allowing the world to happen around me is a gift from the universe.

What I have learned from being a mother I would have never been able to learn in ten lifetimes.

Motherhood is for the most outstanding individuals to recognize their biggest faults and it is for the underdog’s to realize they are truly amazing and perfect in every way.

I realized everyone struggles with different challenges. It is the outcome of the adversity that showcases the hope that all have within their spirit.

Because motherhood chose me I am abundant. I am wealthy. I am blessed. I am totally imperfect. I am proud to say I failed at some of my most passionate childhood dreams. I became my worst nightmare. I am the best mother my kids could ever have.


Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrate your greatness.