Coconut Rice Never Fails!


Coconut rice can be interpreted in many ways. I like to be creative. I take advantage of my rice cooker during the week when I am short on time. I can pour everything in, go back to emails and bathing the kids, and then 20 minutes later…Dinner is served! It almost feels like what it would feel like if I had my own personal chef making food for me, not quite but almost. lol.

•  1 rice cooker small or medium size is fine
•  2 or 3 complete and washed basil leaves with stem
•  1 cup of basmati
•  2 tablespoons of coconut oil
•  1 – 8oz can of coconut milk
•  1/2 cup of water

IMG_5460And voila! You can thank me if you like…I would love to know what you thought!