Relations Between My Kiddos

I originally had the most amazing post written about my kids and what they mean to me. I was devastated when I found that the post was somehow erased. My intention was to speak about their relationship and what they mean to me. My daughter’s birthday is March 7th. My son’s is March11th. I planned the post to honor them for their birthdays. I honestly wish I saved or could recall what I wrote before because it was pretty darn amazing. So now that being said, I am left with... Read The Rest →

Funny Photo Sessions

Do you find yourself chasing after your toddler like I do every time you wanna snap a pic them?  I figured out that if you have a toddler that doesn’t cooperate when they see a camera or iPhone point in front of them….turn it on them.  Let them see themselves on the screen and let them snap a couple shots of themselves. Let them turn it on you too! I suggest doing it during reading time or when they want your undivided attention!  What’s the worst that can happen? Ya... Read The Rest →

Toddler Times

I had to share this pic with all of you.  Here is what happened… So I am cooking and I go to reach for the olive oil that is behind these doors and I can’t open the doors??? I know my kitchen like the back of my hand and usually am in auto pilot when I am warming the pan and prepping to start cooking. I look down and see this. My toddler had been playing nearby and thought he would be creative with “mommy proofing.” Swear it worked! I... Read The Rest →

Family Planting

I was trying to find a way to set up a family project with the kids when I came across a funny fact. Did you know that having houseplants helps to keep the air in your home cleaner?  Yep, that’s true. So I thought, why not get the kids to pick out some plants they liked and we could plant them together? So I not only made that happen, but I did it for less than 10 bucks. I went to 99cent store and discovered that they actually have a... Read The Rest →

Basketball Obsession

My toddler is getting out of control with his obsession with balls, particularly basketballs.  This pic says it all. He decided he wasn’t going to part with the ball while we read good night stories and then when I placed him in his crib…you guessed it. He would not let go of the basketball! I did what any Mommy would do, of course. I chose to not sweat the small stuff and I surrendered to his way. It will be interesting to see what ends up happening as he gets... Read The Rest →


 Laundry day in my house is every other day.  Things are a little crazy in my world lately because my washing machine and dryer are currently not available…a water pipe burst in our wall behind the laundry area.  So what else can I do but go to the laundrymat??  Of course I have to bring my toddler with me to entertain me while we wait for the clothes to finish washing. He is totally amused by the entire idea of carts to wheel around  open aisles…fun times I tell ya, SUPER... Read The Rest →

Sometimes Just Surrender

As a mommy, sometimes you have to be creative about how you will get your work done. Sometimes one must just surrender to circumstances and then thats when one gets the most out of the present. Other times you have to find a way to wiggle your way out without waking the baby! I was having one challenging day with my teething toddler. Obviously… because I still had my pj’s on when I was able to get him down for a nap at 3pm!! Needless to say it was a... Read The Rest →

Snap Shot Mania

I am so glad I have a teen and a toddler for stuff like this!  My teen was playing around with the little one in the back seat while I was driving around running errands and making phone calls.  She set up the camera on her iphone and let her lil brother snap photos of himself. It not only kept him occupied and quiet but taught him how to make some really awesome funny faces.  This genius happenstance was the result…all thanks to my teen! xoxo

Family Read Along

One of my favorite memories I have with my teen is reading a good bedtime story with her before going to bed. I believe bed time stories are the ingredients to prompting great dreams as children sleep. I will never forget when my teen was around 3 years old. Her favorite stories to read before bed time were The Adventures of Curious George. I read her a story from the book and kissed her good night as usual. But a couple hours later I heard my little preschooler shouting out... Read The Rest →

Impromtu Bonding

I love when my print jobs wrap my day shorter than usual.  I worked a while ago and was able to surprise my teen with an impromptu lunch date! I feel it is so important to do things like that with my teenager.  As she grows older I learn more about her and learn more from her about life.  This photo says it all for me.  A great day. A great time. Great memories made.  And over great food! Pardon my drag queen makeup, part of one of my many... Read The Rest →

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