How I Made It Through My Son’s ‘Terrible Twos’

Terrible Twos. When parents discuss this topic, I always see a certain look on their face. Dread. Fear. Confusion. I find that my own personal experience with my son turning two has been very different than the reputation that supersedes him — total shocker! I wanted to give my two-year-old the benefit of the doubt. Imagine if you were barely able to understand and speak a language, yet you were expected to communicate; you’d lose your cool too! So, with that in mind, I decided to take my toddler and his tantrums head on. Before getting... Read The Rest →

5 Ways to Survive Back to School

Tomorrow is my teenager’s first day of high school. More than ever we are in need of as many short cuts as possible to make this transition easier. Definitely for myself anyways. I have to struggle to get my teenage daughter out the door on time and at the same time I am chasing after my toddler. Lord help me! Okay…so how I get through??  Here’s a checklist of must-do’s! 1. Sort out snacks the night before. Plan what you need to prepare for in the morning. This will help... Read The Rest →

It’s Not Too Late to Enter!!

Shea Moisture and I invite you to share a photo of your little one for your chance to win an amazing prize package! Prizes include the entire Shea Moisture Baby collection, 3 months of flowers from 1-800-Flowers, $100 gift card for Urban Sitter & $500 in cash!! I wish I could enter photos of my kids! Enter by Wed Aug 14th to win. Enter the Say Yes To That Face Contest here.

Back to School Essentials

Since the time has come to say HOLA to school essentials I thought I would let you know why my teen and my toddler stay excited about school. Besides the fact that my toddler currently just wants to do whatever my teen does. (This is a huge problem since he physically cannot do half of what she can, obviously.) I started getting creative about back packs and lunch boxes 5 years ago. I realized that my innate nature to always be different and an individualist has forced my teenager to... Read The Rest →

10 Hilarious and Honest Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom

Being a mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I’ve been blessed to have in my lifetime. There are some awesome highs — and some lows — that come with being someone’s mama, but it’s a job I wouldn’t trade for anything. A mommy’s position in the family structure is undeniably important. I put up with tantrums, poopy diapers, vomit, carpools, early mornings, sleepless nights, stretch marks and stained clothes. One thing I’ve learned as a mom is that I’ll never, ever be bored. With a toddler and teen... Read The Rest →

Teen Trend: Spring Florals

It is said that April showers bring May flowers, and the perfumed air this month is a bouquet of the most fragrant floral fashion options! Take comfort in having a lighter footprint with the lovely floral prints you’ll find on graceful espadrille sneakers this season. Finding inspiration from various spring runway looks, this flowered footwear will empower your strut! Loeffler Randall Odile Espadrille Sneaker This design is the perfect marriage of a classic spring/summer staple– the espadrille, but with added comfort and style in a tropical print on canvas. Leather... Read The Rest →

7 Important Lessons I’m Trying to Teach My Toddler Early

One of the most important qualities I wanted to make sure my now teenager daughter and I had with each other while she was growing up were honesty and trust. I raised her with manners and morals — important values I think that all children should have. And now, raising a teen and a toddler, I’ve realized that these life lessons are important for my little one to learn, too. In fact, they’re a good life lessons for us all. When times get tough and my tot and I are in the middle of a... Read The Rest →

Surrendered Thoughts Of A Teen

I was working in my office today and my teenager came in.  I always know when she wants to talk about something important to me because she just sits in front of me and quietly stares at me until I look up and address her.  (Whatever happened to the word excuse me??) Anyhow, I was a little baffled today because I could already see the tears welling in her eyes.  She said, “Mommy I need to tell you something.”  I said “okay baby girl….I am listening.” She proceeded to say... Read The Rest →

5 Rules Every Parent Needs to Survive Sleeptraining Your Toddler

We recently ditched our son’s crib and moved him into a “big boy bed!” and we were excited for him to have his own bed. Naturally, our thoughts were that he would get swept away into dreamland and wake up refreshed from a full night’s sleep in a spacious new bed. The rug is being pulled from underneath us on a nightly basis. This is yet again an episode of the adventures in parenting that no one can prepare you for. The new sense of freedom our son has in... Read The Rest →

Days of Mayhem…a.k.a.”Toddlerisms.”

  Lately I have been cleaning out my folders and files. With Spring fast approaching and even quicker in LA with the 80 degree weather, I am finding myself in the mood to organize. That being said I came upon some photos that I do not need to keep on my desktop any longer. Best idea I feel is to share. They will  give a clear idea of what A day in the life of Paulaisms is like. I hope you enjoy. The star of the slight bits of entertainment... Read The Rest →

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