Finally a Product That Is On My Skin’s Side!

I have very sensitive skin, especially in all the areas where I want my body hair to be removed! Waxing and shaving has left my legs looking not as flawless as I would like. Through trial and error I learned to just save up and laser.  Which I did, but I still find my skin often reacts to what I eat or lotions I may try out. That being said, I will never use anything else but this elixir to treat my skin and prevent future irritations to take place.... Read The Rest →

Snacking Rules! 4 Snacks That Your Family Will Thank You For

 I have to say I have welcomed several habits that my toddler has forced me to start up. The one habit I am most thankful for is snacking. My toddler has our entire family eating constantly. It not only helps me stay on my toes with creative ways to integrate healthy alternatives to chips and cookies, but our metabolism is burning calories at a much faster pace. That means that I selfishly can get myself in bikini body mode much faster this year. Horray for me!!…lol. There are actually healthy... Read The Rest →

Olive Kids Rocks!

I was recently at an event for Golden Globes. My family was gifted some pretty amazing things but the best gifts my toddler got were from Olive Kids.  The Dotz and the placemats are his favorite. They make these stickers DOTZ that peel a hundred times over without ever losing their stick. As soon as my son got a first glance at them he went nuts!! Fire truck! Car! He screamed because he couldn’t understand why we couldn’t open them at that very moment. I now have various Dotz around... Read The Rest →

Red Bush & Babassu

I was recently at a function for a friend of ours and ran into some mommies that needed to know about Shea Moisture Baby. Here are some photos of some recent Haute Mommies and their Fly babies receiving their new favorite bath wash and lotion…Shea Moisture Baby Red Bush & Babassu!  What is good for baby is good for mommy too! It protects your babe’s skin while protecting it with amazing antioxidants and nutrients that keeps a protective barrier around their skin. Go get yourself some and try it on... Read The Rest →

Haute Lips

I was in need of a good yummy alternative to my token red lip “go to”!! One thing is for sure I never fail with a MAC cosmetics visit. They seem to always have a color I never realize I “need” until I am standing in front of the see of lip colors! This color makes me feel like a bad girl with saintly intentions. It is just vibrant enough of a pink to stand out. Yet it really doesn’t distract because it is too bright. I love this hue... Read The Rest →

Super Duper Fly Shades

I can’t get enough of these shades!!! I switch from day to day and wear different colors. I honestly love the fit, classic style, and quality of the shades. There are a million colors and shapes to suit any personality. Retro Super Future sunglasses are made in Italy so like everything else in the fashion industry that is made in Italy, there is nothing better. I love when I get something that I know I am going to have for a good while. Like good Italian made leather boots, these... Read The Rest →

What’s Really in Your Baby Products? Part 1

I am always asked questions regarding what is in baby products and if they are really safe. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will be shocked and disappointed to know that a large number of baby products do not see the responsibility to the consumer to be anything other than giving us parents a product that is inexpensive. There is no integrity to be honest about what is going into their products.  Checkout this video for info about a certain very familiar baby product that... Read The Rest →

Can’t Get Enough Honey!

My extended family over at Nubian Heritage graced me with some of their collection the other day and I had to share!!! This product line is shea based, all natural ingredients sans the “dirty dozen.” That means it is safe for everyone in your family to use and enjoy. Honey & Black Seed collection has the aroma of sweet honey with a little spicy earthy  like scent. I am a huge fan of unisex scents. This is just that. Because of the black seed or better known as cumin, it... Read The Rest →

Arm and Hammer Does the Job

No need to buy into all the hype when it comes to cleaning the grime off your pots and pans! Instead keep it simple and keep your manicure looking flawless. Try using a sprinkle of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to scrub off grime and food residue. I sometimes sprinkle liberally onto the dirty caked on areas and dampen the area, then I leave the pan to soak overnight. The next morning the caked on area wipes clean effortlessly.  I swear it totally works and is a much less toxic... Read The Rest →

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