Get Your Grains

I am always looking for ways to get extra nutrients in my family’s diet.  As I made my kid’s baby food half asleep one late night, I realized that the blended flax seed and almond flour was actually something I could mix together! Thank goodness I can cut my prep time and increase my sleep! So that’s what I did. And my kids loved it! Then on a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond I happened upon this amazing product. Now, first of all, I have absolutely no idea why... Read The Rest →

It’s Tickle Time!!

A couple months back I was introduced to a new sunblock by my daughter. We were at an event and she was gifted the product. She thought it would be something I would like so she gave it to me. Talk about a blessing. Tickle Time is an all natural mineral based tinted sunblock with SPF20. It comes in various shades and all in all does what it says it does. I get all gitty talking about it. I have forced all of my friends to stop rubbing sticky white... Read The Rest →

Dual Purpose Product that Works for the Family

As a self proclaimed product hoarder, I truly appreciate when I get a 2 for 1 out of a product. I especially get excited when I can have dual purposes with one product on my kids that differs from myself. I find that most “all natural” products tend to have multiple uses. My current obsession that has now reached a record for holding strong as a Family Fav is Shea Moisture Baby Head to Toe Ointment.  AND it smells amazing! I like to describe the scent as the experience you... Read The Rest →


This product line called BabyGanics not only has a lovely scent but it has muscle power to get the job done! I use the all purpose solution for everything from cleaning my stainless steal countertops to cleaning my showers. It is safe. It is daddy created and family approved! Paulaisms has PUT YOU ON.      

Hauskrft Leather Goods

                                  I love I can say I have talented and gifted friends. Who doesn’t? I knew my friend Jeff Lazaro is multi-talented. Hauskrft is handcrafted leather accessories. Jeff brainstorms the best combinations and then hand sews each piece.  Talk about putting love into everything you do!  He made this card holder for me a while back ago. After being tossed around in my handbags, played with by a toddler, and tugged and pulled on... Read The Rest →

Get Your Fiber

I was instructed I needed to up my fiber…so I went to a couple grocery stores to see what my options were.  My mom swears by Kashi products.  9 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein… I thought WTH…so many tantilizing options cereals too! I am a sucker for cinnamon and have learned that when choosing a healthy snack, usually if it is flavored with cinnamon the product is always yummy.  I have to say I was totally surprised with the taste of Kashi Go Lean Cereal.  I was... Read The Rest →

I Wear A Patch

I have been an active dependant of aromatherapy for a very long time.  I remember being sick as a kid and my mommy using eucalyptus oil rubs on my chest to relieve the discomforts of the common cold.  Now I wear patches.  It is so easy to gain all the healing benefits of aromatherapy essential oils with Natural Patches of Vermont.  They come in individual packs or in packs of 10.  They are easy to place onto the skin and easy to remove as well  Lasting up to 24 hrs,... Read The Rest →

The Clutch Of The Season

The Alexander Wang Dumbo Clutch is on my must have list for the Spring and Summer 2013. The yellow does it all for me. The texture makes it less fragile so it can afford to be the token piece as it wont mark up immediately after one wear! Of course the Wang hardware is always genuis. This can work in any tote or weekender with Summer fast approaching. From day to night. This clutch fits into every woman’s personality.

Joomi Lim

This chic is ridiculous! I have been following her on Instagram for some time now. Not only is she super cool, but she inspires me to get my ass to New York soon. I miss the street style and edge that yoou only find in Manhattan. Joomi Lim can take any look no matter how girly and rough up the edges in the most couture of ways. Statement Punk with Pearls and Spikes and Crystals! Metal Luxe Bracelet. Liquid Titanium Ring with Rose Gold and Blue.


Our good family friend has been working so hard on this dream of his to create an energy snack. As an outdoorsy kind of guy and avid cyclist, Caue is the genius behind Barnana. They are the most tasty dehydrated banana snacks, full of potassium and just plain yummy! Our toddler has been gobbling these bite size beauties since he started eating table food. They are totally safe for baby once you take a couple bites to make a smaller bite for them. Totally natural. No extra fluff. Find Barnana... Read The Rest →

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