Stay Well Remedy Haute Tea

Every time the weather starts to get moody it seems like our household starts to feel the effects. I don’t hesitate to make this to keep an extra step ahead of the sniffles. It super easy and it works. •  3 cups of boiling water •  2 tbsp of chopped and peeled ginger •  Half of one large sweet meyer lemon (sweet meyer gives a sweet element without adding sugar) •  3 tbsp of honey ( you can substitute agave or maple syrup if allergic to honey) Let it sit... Read The Rest →

5 Must-Haves To Keep Your Household Healthy During the Holidays

It is easy to spiral into the abyss of sickness during the holidays.  I don’t always take care of myself as well as I should. I am too busy racing around, with kids in tow, trying to knock off everything on my gift lists while managing the day to day, as though everything is normal.  “Normal” doesn’t exist in my world. Extraordinary is more like it. If you find anything I am sharing to ring true for you I suggest the following: 1. Try to squeeze in a nap. It... Read The Rest →

Potion For Stuffy Congestion

I woke up to a panicked mom text from my Brooklyn fam this morning. Her little one was suffering from congestion.  It is always so concerning for us mommies when are babies are stuffed up and are having trouble breathing.  I gave her this list to get her baby back to his normal mischievous self again. Use 100% pure essential Lavender Oil or Eucalyptus Oil in your munchkins bath. Just 3-5 droplets goes a long way.  You should immediately see your babies demeanor switch up to have a lil more... Read The Rest →

Loco for Coconut

Ladies!!! I was dreading cleaning my face after a long day of shooting. Caked on powder, shadow, bronzer, mascara, lashes….you name it!  I have always leaned towards moisturizing my skin with all natural oils.  Growing up I had very sensitive skin and would break out in rashes from any products that had un-natural ingredients. I started using shea, vitamin e, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil to moisturize my face and body.   I realized somehow that Coconut oil was a non-abrassive solution I could use for makeup removal.  I... Read The Rest →

Do You Neti?

By now the Neti Pot is something that more and more people are starting to be aware of. It’s pretty simple.  If you are sick and have congested sinus, or have allergies…You hum the “I’m a little tea pot” song, but instead say “I’m a little neti pot!”  You just fill the pot with warm water and a spoonful of special salt, stick the nosel up one nostril, and watch what comes out. TMI! Then repeat the directions for the other nostril.  It literally assists in breathing normally when you... Read The Rest →

Holistic Healing Doctor

I have been asked lately about what doctor I see or where I have my kiddos seen.  I have learned from having my daughter 13 years ago that you can never have too many pediatric experts around.  I had such “interesting” experiences with different pediatricians that friends referred me to. I chose interesting to be polite.  One could also use words like insulting, nightmare, and absolutely wrong for me. Through these rough experiences and all the years of searching for the right fit for my family, I finally realized I... Read The Rest →

A Little Blocked Up

As I approached my Aires’ tween years I realized she would not give me information like before. Now she is a teen and I find I am pulling my hair out with frustration to get any answer from her without sarcasm. Lately my teen has been complaining about her stomach hurting her and so I immediately ask the question, “What’s your poop like?”  I also notice her skin is breaking out on her forehead as well. That is a sign of toxins not being eliminated from her system. Of course... Read The Rest →

Feverish Moments

AC woke up the other night burning up!!!  After running in circles for about 10 seconds aimlessly…since Daddy and Mommy were both very pleasantly enjoying stage 2 of dreamland, we went into teamwork mode! Daddy grabbed the thermometer and took his temperature…103! While I changed baby’s diaper, I took a dime size amount of jojoba oil and added 2 drops of 100% pure essential peppermint oil Emulsified them in my hands quickly to fire up the energy of the peppermint oil Dabbed it on baby boy’s groin area carefully to... Read The Rest →

DIY Non-Toxic Baby Care Products

Finding safe and affordable care products for your baby can be a real struggle. You have to scour the internet, ask fellow mommies and find the stores that sell them. Well here are some alternatives that are non-toxic and you can make at home. This way, you don’t have to go out and search for the perfect products while saving some money. Baby powder: Avoid potentially toxic talc by skipping commercial baby powders and making your own. This recipe from the Smart Mama is super easy and only uses two ingredients. If you buy baby... Read The Rest →

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