Paulaisms Chicken Tacos

These chicken tacos are just delicious. I usually serve both chicken and potato tacos (recipe to come) to satisfy the vegetarian guests as well. The potato added to the chicken is a moist, comforting flavor that is undeniably yummy. You have to try them and you will be hooked.  We do Taco Tuesday at our home once a month and every time we have more friends that come to try my tacos.  My mom gave me the initial recipe, but I had to “juj” it up of course. If I... Read The Rest →

Dad’s Stuffed Peppers

My dad is honestly the most genius chef. I always credit him by explaining to friends that he used to take a leftover mexican dish and turn it into an even more incredible chinese or indian dish the next day! I was barely a teen and recognized how necessary it was for me to pay close attention to what and how he created in the kitchen. As a mommy, I am grateful for my quick learning skills. If it wasn’t for my dad I am not sure how successful I... Read The Rest →

Making A Smoothie The Whole Family Can Enjoy

There’s no better way for your family to start the day than with a fresh blended fruit smoothie. Plus a smoothie recipe doesn’t need to be exact, so it’s super easy to get the kids involved in the making. The best ingredients are always whatever fresh fruits and veggies are most loved, and in season. But when you see a banana turning black don’t throw it away! Instead, peel it and cut it into chucks and pop it in the freezer…it will make a frosty, creamy addition to your next... Read The Rest →

Coconut Rice Never Fails!

Coconut rice can be interpreted in many ways. I like to be creative. I take advantage of my rice cooker during the week when I am short on time. I can pour everything in, go back to emails and bathing the kids, and then 20 minutes later…Dinner is served! It almost feels like what it would feel like if I had my own personal chef making food for me, not quite but almost. lol. Ingredients •  1 rice cooker small or medium size is fine •  2 or 3 complete... Read The Rest →

Artichoke Pesto Chicken

                                Ingredients •  1 lb. breast of chicken fingers •  2 tbsn Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasto •  2 tbsn Trader Joe’s Genova Pesto Sauce (refrigerated) •  1 tbsn Trader Joe’s Garlic Aoli Mustard •  2 tbsn EV Olive Oil •  Pinch of Salt & Pepper Instructions Rinse the chicken off and set on cheesecloth or paper towel to remove excess water. Place the chicken in a large gallong size Ziploc bag. Add salt and pepper... Read The Rest →

Sweet Meyer Lemon Bars

I am not a fruity sort of dessert person. I am all about chocolate. BUT!…my teen and my toddler are both fans of fruity as much as chocolaty. (Blame it on their mommy who is so hard pressed to always make sure her children are open to trying anything once.) So like any good mommy, I pushed my sleeves up and attempted to make lemon bars for my kiddos. Although I was terrified to make a lemon bar, I didn’t let my kids in on that small detail. We have a... Read The Rest →

Moroccan Rice

I love dressing up for dinner. It is something that I used to do with my daughter and in the process I would also teach her how to improve her table manners. (A girl never knows when she will find herself at a “fancy” restaurant! Better prepared than not prepared!) On the flip side, it is super fun to kick the table manners to the curb and use hands as utencils! Everything needs to have its yin and yang, right? I can’t get enough of more exotic foods like Ethiopian... Read The Rest →

Stuffed Biscuits

Ever wonder what to do with left over Taco meat?? or even Sloppy Joe meat? Well here is an easy lunch or snack option for your entire family to sink their teeth into. It couldn’t be easier. Every mommy should have a package of ready made biscuits in the fridge for the “whatever, whenever”…and especially when you have a crazy day that leaves you short on time and energy. You will continue to hold the title of “best chef in the house” with this easy quick recipe! Ingredients •  6-piece... Read The Rest →

Secret “Pantates” (Toddler for Pancakes)

Pancakes are probably my families favorite breakfast. My toddler would argue the best meal he has ever had. He wakes up in the morning and shouts out, “Pan Tates” Not “Good Morning mommy!”  I think he must dream about them, he loves them so much.  My approach with pancakes is a love hate relationship…I love that I never have issues feeding my kids pancakes, yet I HATE how they aren’t the healthiest choice for a meal.  So I created my own rules with them. Make it healthy and make sure... Read The Rest →

Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

These sweet potato fries are so yummy you won’t miss the grease. My kids love these as a snack or to accompany burgers. Ingredients – 4 large peeled sweet potatoes – 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil – 1/2 tspn of salt & pepper – 1 large Storage size Ziploc baggie Directions Set oven for bake at 450˚. Cut off the ends of the sweet potato to avoid uneven strips once they are cut into wedges. Make sure to cut the potato in half  long way. Then cut in thirds which will... Read The Rest →

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