Parenting on Repeat

As a kid I remember the absolute joy I would get from seeing a pool twenty feet in sight. I would forget all about the food I was snacking on as I kicked my shoes off in a race to jump into the water before my sisters. Then my mother would shout out the most disappointing phrase, “Paula, you just ate so you need to wait twenty minutes to let your food digest.” WHAT?! Why would my mother let me eat anything if she knew I would want to get... Read The Rest →

Haute Mommy Night Out July

We gabbed. We laughed. We sipped. Over twenty HAUTIES enjoyed another fantastic night out. This month I was thrilled to meet so many new members of the club. I was so humbled to hear how much the different moms look forward to this monthly event. I mean what mommy wouldn’t love actually dressing up, stilettos and all, and hanging out with a bunch of sexy, like minded women?!…That is the whole reason why I host it monthly!  And it never hurts to get fun gifts from Shea Moisture Baby, Molly’s... Read The Rest →

Stress Less Vacation Ready Essentials

All of us are either already on vacation or counting the days until we are. Packing is always dreaded but when I have to pack for the entire family, I tend to procrastinate.  I figured the following “must haves” would help keep you looking and feeling sexy, and be admired by everyone around for the “Great Idea” items yet maintaining a peaceful outlook on what can be sometimes a very stressful chore. For Mommy: •  The Moo Moo. I love that name. Lately it has been upgraded by being renamed... Read The Rest →

Maintain Your Summer Body

Now that Summer is in full swing don’t think because you fit into your bikini you can go ham! You deserve to be good to your body. I have found some helpful hints to surviving summer’s temptations and feeling good about yourself while you’re basking in the sun in your summer styles! 1. Stay social! Try to keep busy with the kids or enjoy an adult conversation. Read that book you have been wanting to open since Christmas. Basically keep your mind distracted from thinking about snacking. I was surprised at... Read The Rest →

A Father’s Love

A love like no other, one that is of a unique kind, a fathers love, one that knows no bound, a father there for me when I am in need. He wraps me in stong arms, holding me close and tight, making sure nothing will ever hurt me. A fathers love, it will never falter nor fail, a love I can count on to make me well. A fathers love, such a powerful spell, one that can never be broken, not even by the worst of crimes. A fathers love... Read The Rest →

Daddy Dearest

With Father’s Day fast approaching I thought I would dedicate a post to honoring the man in my life that my kids call Daddy. I had been a single mommy of one for 6 years. I can relate to all the mommies that hold it down solo. Blessings! Parenting is not an easy job. I am so grateful to have my partner. He holds it down when I need a “mommy time-out.” He is amazing at putting the kids to sleep and to add he can make a mean macaroni... Read The Rest →

Haute Mommy Night Out: June

Another successful Haute Mommy Night Out! It was so fabulous getting to know some new members while catching up with other Haute Mommies. We sipped on cocktails while chatting up about our lives and laughing quite a bit. Click through above for photos that captured it all. Thanks to Shea Moisture Baby, Zico coconut water, Molly’s Suds, Boppy and Piggy Paint for their generous contributions. All my Hauties went home with a bag full of goods for themselves and if they feel obliged they will share with their munchkins as... Read The Rest →

8 Things No One Will Ever Tell You About Motherhood

Motherhood is something most women aspire to. It is a rite of passage — almost what I imagine being in a sorority is like. Everyone always has amazing stories of how becoming a mommy changes them. These conversations are romanticized most of the time when overheard at baby showers. If you have ever eavesdropped a one on one confessional in the corner table at a crowded restaurant you can appreciate what I am about to share. Since I became a mom, my life has changed for the better and for worse. It just... Read The Rest →

How I Lost the Baby Weight and Learned to Love My Postbaby Body

Ladies! I have great news for you! There is a way to change your attitude that will soon change your body,so get ready to bring out your inner Giselle or Charlize Theron! (Seriously!) Trust me, this will take little effort on your part so no “but I am a mommy” or “I have no time” excuses! And while you are headed towards a better, more magnificent you, you can lead by example — showing your children healthy habits to help them make better lifestyle choices. Here are the top tricks to... Read The Rest →

7 Secrets All Mamas Need to Survive the Mommy Bullies

Do you ever feel like you are behind on topics other mommies know all about? Feel like the only frumpy mom at carpool? Do you feel like every time you get together with friends they are always telling you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t? Is there such thing as a mommy bully? Yep — it exists. I had my daughter in my early twenties when most of my friends were spending all their hard earned money on clothes and going out to the latest club.  I... Read The Rest →

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