5 Ways to Survive Back to School
Toddlers & Teens


Tomorrow is my teenager’s first day of high school. More than ever we are in need of as many short cuts as possible to make this transition easier. Definitely for myself anyways. I have to struggle to get my teenage daughter out the door on time and at the same time I am chasing after my toddler. Lord help me! Okay…so how I get through??  Here’s a checklist of must-do’s!

1. Sort out snacks the night before. Plan what you need to prepare for in the morning. This will help you tremendously. I even go as far as to make a list of to do’s for my daily school mornings.

2. Without mentioning to the family,  nudge forward the clocks in the house 10 minutes. Things happen. But school doesn’t wait for your kids to arrive. The 10 minute nudge will always give you the “grace period” that you wish you had more of. Trust me this trick works and is toddler tantrum proof!

3. Set your alarm 30 minutes early before the rest of the house gets up. Take a shower. Brush and Floss your teeth!(let’s be real, when you have a bunch of kids the last thing you think of is flossing!)

4. Keep things happy! No matter what happens, when you are on time constraints and need to jet out of the house, don’t argue. The saying goes, “You can’t get blood from a rock” and that is true in the back to school hustle and bustle. Save the arguing and disciplining for after school.

5. Put together a fun playlist. The first day of school jitters will be forgotten and replaced with smiles and it always leaves your goodbyes at drop off a lot smoother.